Travel plans, computers and artwork

T-Shirt for Notary Perk on Indiegogo campaign
T-Shirt for Notary Perk on Indiegogo campaign

Despite a computer logic board failure and internet connectivity issues, I've managed to make progress on the Perks for the Indiegogo campaign. The above t-shirt proof shows how the logo will print on the shirt. And I'll be able to load a few more pictures in the coming days once I get my computer back.

I am set to leave on August 5th - less than two weeks away. That time will go quickly with printing and publishing and binding.

Oh yeah, and packing for a 3 month trip. What does one pack as a traveling researcher?

Laptop (that works!)

Clothes - hot and cold, wet & dry - but not too many, this isn't a fashion shoot!

Camping gear - between libraries there are vast areas of the great outdoors to visit and sleep in. Libraries are great, but so is fresh air, sunshine and starlight

Writing and binding tools and equipment. I'm a traveling scribe and binder, and I'll take a kit of tools and materials with me so that I can write and make things along the way (more on that in the coming days)

Motorcycle tools to repair things that break or vibrate loose. I'll have new tires put on next Friday, along with a fresh oil change

The great Southwest
The great Southwest

I'm getting pretty excited!

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