Papermaker's Tears, Volume 2 Published

I guess this is a blurb?

Papermaker's Tears V2 shot on a sheet of handmade paper as backdrop

The publication of Papermaker's Tears: Essays on the Art and Craft of Paper is now available. My essay entitled: Without a Trace: Joseph Seavy and the Mystery of The Writer's Assistant, is the 8th chapter in the book. Included in each of the first edition (maybe there will be a 2nd edition, publication run of 225) is a sheet of paper that I made replicating a page of the Seavy manual. Below is the sheet I used as my model to recreate the watermarks, and  you'll see a couple of imperfect sheets. All my good sheets, at present, are in the back of the books. I'll be making more that are first quality. I had so many interesting fails, that I'll be offering them (and the firsts) for sale. I've called these flawed ones "Broke, with distinction." I'll post how to get them in a few days.

The original exemplar in the Newberry Library's copy of The Writer's Assistant, backlit.
A less-than perfect sheet of the replica Seavy paper - handmade bleached flax
A replica Seavy sheet; poorly couched, "Broke, with distinction"

I'll be going into how I came to be able to make paper, and some of the research experience not covered in the book. There are a number of people who have been supportive in this "paper trial" – or is that trail ;-) – and I'll thank them by writing about how they helped me along the way.

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